ocean king

Play world’s best Fishing game – Ocean King

About Ocean King

Ocean King is a fishing game that got revamped in 3D. It is basically a brand new version of westward journey working. It got released with all-around updates. It features cooler effects and exciting fishing keeping line along with exciting gameplay of the game machine. It has started a new era by providing left chatting as well as the right fishing of social fishing.

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Fishing info-

  • Random super weapon- the mother ship over the sea will drop three superweapons in the fishing ground namely laser cannon, drill cannon, and chain depth bomb. You can acquire the skills of AOE damage by successfully capturing the fishes.
  • Drill cannon- it is used to move forward in random line for a specific period of time. It deals with penetrating of various types of fishes in line. Along with an extremely high rate, it catches the fishes.
  • Laser cannon– it deals with continuous laser damage to target all the fishes in straight range, it effectively catches special fishes and big fishes. It performs best along with stasis skills.
  • Chain depth bomb-it deals with AOE damage to the fishes for 2 to 6 times randomly. It effectively catches small and middle fishes.

The players can enjoy the various journeys that is unknown fishes and area through the generation of fishing ground maps and type of fishes. The game can be played in 720 HD qualities. The ocean king online offers various fish coins namely online reward and daily login reward. You can get rich if you possess 5 fishing coins.

The games provide the facility of Facebook login and line login. You can interact with other players as well. You can play the game online and get fishing coins that would make you rich. Ocean King is considered the world’s best fishing game.

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