monkey thunderbolt

Play the amazing running game – Monkey Thunderbolt

About Monkey Thunderbolt

The new online betting game monkey thunderbolt is ruling the online casinos. The legendary story of monkey is set as the theme of a game where monkeys try to reach on top of the world. Here, the player has to bet on the monkey who would be the next king thunderbolt. Moreover, the players can wager for the top 3 monkeys. This is a China story inspired game. The story is a legend story where the monkeys were the one on the sky before human reach to the sky. The story is about finding a king – thunderbolt king who will rule the world for the next 100 years and there is always a competition between these creatures.

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The lightest monkey will reach to the sky first and thus become the king. However, it is not easy to reach because in the meanwhile they will come across the challenges which will stop them. The strict rules make it more difficult. Challenges include the random birds that stop these monkeys from climbing a rope and reach to the sky.

More about the game

The game gives an unforgettable experience to the players with more attractive winnings. The slot game depicts the above-said story. The set time for the race is less than a minute moreover there is a rule according to which each generation’s 10th son would complete the task. Player wager on the desired monkey and let them accomplish the task.

Monkey thunderbolt features

There will be a countdown timer of 10 seconds on the left side. There are unlimited table seats and a betting panel where they can win great winnings. It also offers a jackpot with multiple awards. It also has a zoom option to get a closer watch of monkey race. The game is compatible with both desktop and web browser clients. It has 50 pay lines and 5 reels with the mad monkey, scatter logo and palm trees symbols.

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