Safari Heat

About the most adventurous slot game – Safari Heat

About Safari Heat

Going on safari is really an expansive thing to do however, one can experience “Safari Heat” online which is a safari-themed slot game. The slot game will allow you to win prizes that would help you to go on for a real safari. Spotting tons of animals such as flamingo, rhino, zebra, elephants, and whilst wild loins will bring you a new level of excitement with potential massive prizes. One can create more winning through the power of substituting symbols. You can view a delightful scattered sunset that could be easily gazed and it will allow you to trigger free spins.

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The players can combine new line-bets and line so as to make personalized spin stakes on laptop and desktop which is perfect to soak up the safari excitement. You won’t find any place on earth as that of the plains of Africa. Here, at the game, you will be able to watch various kinds of animals in their natural habitat and you will get paid fortunately for spinning 5 reels up to 9 pay lines.

Hot earnings –

The safari heat is known for its name as well as a mixture of various stunning animals as well as serious hot prizes. You can look forward and win a prize up to 25,000 coins for spotting zebra and gnu or 40,000 for spotting flamingo. Similarly, 75,000 for spotting rhino as well as elephants, you can make more winning combinations through substitution and symbols. You will get to see winning combinations that offer double prizes.

You can win 450,000 coins instantly, through scattered sunsets and it will trigger free spin bonuses. You can try and double the prize through turning on the card gamble feature. You will achieve the prize if you guess correct whether the card is black or red. You can double the prize up to four times.

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